New Issue. Vol 9(1) 2020



Letter from the Managing Editor by  Josep Maria Altarriba


Non-profit organization-business value co-creation: conceptualization and scale development by Yolanda Díaz-Perdomo, Luis Ignacio Álvarez-González, María José Sanzo-Pérez

Empirical Evaluation of the Efficiency of the Ecuadorian Banking Sector by Jorge Arturo Campoverde Campoverde, Gustavo Giovanni Flores Sánchez, Katherine Tatiana Coronel Pangol, Carlos Armando Romero Galarza

The perception of educational brand capital in the Spanish context: a proposal for measurement with internal stakeholders by Javier Casanoves-Boix, Pablo Pinazo-Dallenbach, José Ricardo Flores-Pérez

How do servant leaders promote radical innovation? The role of organizational learning capability by Emilio Domínguez-Escrig, Francisco Fermín Mallén Broch, Rafael Lapiedra Alcamí, Ricardo Chiva Gómez

Cultural tourism: A methodological approach based on the knowledge of its demand by María Dolores Sánchez-Sánchez, Carmen De-Pablos-Heredero, José Luis Montes-Botella

Planning and implementation of a study of times and methods in the Packaging Logistics Center (PLC) of industrial gas - analysis and standardization of production: A case study by Gustavo Andrés Araque González, Mauricio Gómez Vásquez, Juan Pablo Vélez Uribe, Albeiro Hernán Suárez Hernández

Book review

Outside Insight by Patricia Vargas Portillo