La penetración de la venta directa en España: una perspectiva internacional

  • José Luis Fernández Martínez EAE Business School
  • Jordi Solé Cuatrecasas Universidad Internacional de Valencia
Keywords: direct sell; economic averages; commercial penetration; sales force; personnel sale, Venta directa, promedios económicos, penetración comercial, fuerza de ventas, venta personal


There is little scientific and academic literature in Spanish, let alone updated about the evolution and penetration of direct sales in international markets, a situation aggravated when referring to the introduction of this business model in Spain. This paper aims to conduct a quantitative study among countries and regions by comparing the penetration of this business model and business through the analysis of implementation of direct selling companies, quantifying sales force, and consumer demographics as agent, and set rates comparative international and Spanish statewide. The results show a weakness in this model penetration in Western Europe compared with both the US and the rest of the American continent, with special incidence in Spain. Certainly the reasons for these differences would be subject to a required level of analysis left open new fields of research.


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Author Biographies

José Luis Fernández Martínez, EAE Business School

EAE Business School (España)

Jordi Solé Cuatrecasas, Universidad Internacional de Valencia

Universidad Internacional de Valencia (España)

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Fernández Martínez, J. L., & Solé Cuatrecasas, J. (2015). La penetración de la venta directa en España: una perspectiva internacional. Harvard Deusto Business Research, 4(2), 87-95.